Irish Accent Coaching

If you're an actor looking to add authenticity to your performances with an Irish accent, you're in luck. The Irish accent is one of the most distinctive and recognisable accents in the world, with many regional variations across the island.

The Irish accent is known for its musicality, with a lilting quality and variations in intonation. Depending on the region, there may be differences in pronunciation and word choice. Here at Twang we connect you directly to the person who speaks the dialect so you can have a more specific and tailored experience. Mastering the accent with, can increase the depth within your performance and help free you from the accent to allow you to play more in the scene.

The Banshees of Insiherin featuring Colin Farrell is a great film to watch for the Irish dialect. A must watch! At, we provide online accent coaching for actors looking to master that wonderful Irish dialect. Our experienced accent coaches are native speakers who offer 1-1 sessions and guidance, helping actors to perfect the accent’s true nuances and features.

Whether you’re aiming for a Dublin accent, a Belfast accent, or any other regional variation, Twang can connect you to the person you need so you can achieve your accent goals.

Book an online accent coach with today and start perfecting your Irish dialect.

Ethlinn (Antrim)

from £15 30 minutes

Michelle (Cork)

from £15 30 minutes

Andrew (Belfast)

from £15 30 minutes

Conor (Dublin)

from £15 30 minutes

Justine (Belfast)

from £15 30 minutes

Wilson (Belfast)

from £15 30 minutes

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