How it works - Book a reader

Need a reader for your self-tape? No matter if friends are unavailable or you simply prefer working with an industry professional, Twang's new 'Book a Reader' service is here to support you.

Our reader service connects you with experienced actors currently active in the industry. Each brings invaluable insights and advice to help you create the perfect tape for your audition.

Are you auditioning for an American TV series? Select a native American actor. Have you admired a particular actor’s work on TV? You can now tape with them!

Choose from over 40 exceptional Twang tutors. Browse through their profiles to find the ideal actor for your tape.

Once you’ve found your preferred tutor, check their availability and book a time and date that suits you best. Remember to allocate enough time after your session for editing and agency uploads.

Upon booking, you’ll receive an email containing a personalised video link connecting you with your tutor. You can also upload your script directly to your actor through the same email, ready for your session.

All sessions take place conveniently online and last for 1 hour. 

This duration allows for initial read-throughs, discussions about scenes and characters, and, crucially, the recording of your tape. 

Plus, if you’re already working with a tutor on accent preparation, re-booking the same tutor for your tape offers significant benefits.

Create the perfect tape for your audition

Head over to our ‘Book a reader’ page, locate the accent best suited for the tape, and book your reader now! Let’s make those tapes shine!