Script Recording

Hey there! So, you're all about acing that audition, right? Well, we've got something super handy for you at Twang - it's called script recording!

Picture this...

You’re on the move, need a quick reference for your lines, but can’t squeeze in a one-on-one video session just yet. No worries! We’ve got your back. With our script recording service, you can have your lines recorded in that oh-so-specific accent you’re aiming for.

Need to nail the pronunciation of some tricky words in your script? Or maybe you just want to hear your lines in that accent over and over again for practice. Guess what? We can connect you with real actors direct from the city you’re interested in. Yep, the real deal! These Twang tutors are pros, and they’ll deliver that authentic accent you’re after.

Here's the drill...

Find the accent you need, pick a convenient date and time for the recording, and confirm your purchase. Easy-peasy! You’ll then receive a confirmation email with a link to upload your script directly to your actor.

Our talented actors will then record your lines and zap them straight to your inbox, exactly when you asked for them. You’ll get a clear and steady delivery of your lines, perfect for listening on repeat before your big tape or filming session. Save that file, copy it to your phone and use it whenever you need to brush up on your accent.

Oh, one thing to keep in mind…each script recording covers up to three pages of script. If you’ve got more lines to record, just make another booking for the extras.

Script recording is like your trusty sidekick, always there when you need it on the go.

Swing by our ‘Find a tutor’ page, locate the accent you’re chasing, and book your script recording now! Let’s make those auditions a breeze.