RP Accent Coaching

Actors, learning the Received Pronunciation (RP) accent is a must for any actor in the business. RP is a British accent that is commonly associated with the upper class and is often used in theatre, film, and television.

RP is known for its clear pronunciation, lack of regional dialect, and specific intonation patterns. By mastering RP with nicetwang.com, actors can increase their authenticity, and depth in their performances, particularly in roles where an upper-class accent is required.

Famous actors we all know and love with RP accents include Judi Dench, Colin Firth, and Emma Thompson, among many more. At nicetwang.com, we provide online accent coaching for actors looking to master RP. Our professional accent coaches are native speakers who offer private sessions where they will get your speaking perfectly in the Received Pronunciation (RP) accent in no time.

Whether you’re an international actor looking to perfect your RP accent or a British actor looking to refine your skills, Twang can help you achieve your accent goals.

Book an online accent coach with nicetwang.com today and start perfecting your RP accent.

Callum (RP)

from £15 30 minutes

Ellie (RP)

from £15 30 minutes

Amy (RP)

from £15 30 minutes

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