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Perfect your accent game with our actor-to-actor led coaching.

 Join the most comprehensive online community of actor-to-actor led accent coaching and expand your audition potential. 

Learn from other genuine actors all with proven experience.

Connect with an industry professional who has an understanding for script work, taping and performance. Pick from a quick 30 minute session or up to an hour.

There's nothing like hearing a genuine accent.

Ditch searching on YouTube, doing call outs on Instagram or asking friends of friends to attempt it. It never works! Save time by booking a one-to-one session with a person who actually speaks the accent!

Get paid to help others with your accent.

Fancy earning some extra cash in-between jobs? Become part of our community to helping other actors perfect your accent at a time to suit you!

Frequently asked questions

We've put together a few of the most common questions here for you. If there's anything more let us know :)​

You can book a session with a native actor for 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour.

The sessions all work via video call directly on the nicetwang.com. You’ll receive a confirmation email with all your session details. 

Yes, feel free to book as many sessions as you like with as many different native actors as you need.

You will need a web camera for your session, but your phone or tablet will also work perfectly. 

Jump straight onto our find a tutor page, search for the native accent you need, and check their individual calendars to see who is available. 

No, we welcome everyone from all over the world.

We only launched in early 2023 so please be patient with us whilst we grow. However, please email us if you can’t find the accent you need and let us know. We will make a note of it and try to bring you that native accent as soon as we can. 

Online Accent Coaching with Twang

We cover a wide range of specific accents throughout the UK and Internationally. So, if you’re an actor wanting to perfect your accent game for an audition or an up-and-coming job, look no further! You’ll be learning the accent from the person who speaks it, what better way to learn. Take a look at our accent list below. Spot one you need to work on, simply click the accent and pick a tutor of your choosing.