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Your accent is unique... help others learn & perfect it!

When you join Twang, sign up with your native accent ONLY. We appreciate you may be able to do multiple accents but this isn’t what Twang is about. We connect actors directly to the native speaker, you!


Sign up and start earning some extra cash.

Signing up is easy-peasy and can be completed within minutes. All you need to do is complete the registration form above. Once we receive your form one of our team members will give you a call to complete your profile, which includes a headshot, small bio and most importantly, an open calendar for bookings.  You’ll have total control of your twang calendar so you can set the dates and times that work best for you.


Let the bookings commence.

What a great feeling to be able to help others whilst getting paid for it. When you get a booking, you’ll receive an email confirmation with the date, time and Zoom link ready for your session. Make sure you take a moment to have a browse of our frequently asked questions.


Connect with your wonderful actor and enjoy.

All your sessions work via video call directly on – simply log on and chat away with your lovely actor.

Set up your space in a quiet spot with a good internet connection…and the script if it was sent ahead of time. All you need now is yourself and your accent 🙂

Yes, feel free to book as many sessions as you like with as many different native actors as you need.


Feel good and await your Twang payments.

We don’t keep you waiting long so sit back and enjoy helping others. Payments happen every two weeks directly into your bank account.

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Get tips, revision hacks & acting advice to help you achieve your best at auditions and beyond.