Newcastle Accent Coaching

Actors, how's your Newcastle accent? Do you find it a bit challenging when it comes to performing it? Learning this distinctive regional accent can be incredibly advantageous. It boasts unique characteristics that can significantly elevate your character portrayals and delivery. The Newcastle accent is renowned for its distinctive features, including Geordie slang, elongated vowels, and specific intonation patterns that can effectively convey a wide range of emotions and attitudes.

Shows like “Byker Grove,” “Geordie Shore,” and the iconic “Auf Wiedersehen, Pet” are fantastic examples of the Newcastle dialect. You’ll frequently hear phrases like ‘Howay, man!’ and ‘gan canny’ from the actors, who are quintessentially Geordie. 

At, we specialise in offering online accent coaching for actors seeking to perfect the Newcastle dialect. Our dedicated team of experienced accent coaches are native Geordie speakers and can provide you with unique guidance and constructive feedback to help you nail the accent. Master the Newcastle accent with, and soon, you’ll be speaking Geordie fluently, bringing authenticity and depth to your performances!

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