Essex Accent Coaching

Actors, are you looking to perfect the Essex accent for audition prep or performance? Master and deliver an authentic portrayal of an Essex accent with Twang. We can help guide you through its unique nuances and features.

The Essex accent is known for its glottal stops, elongated vowels, and a rising intonation at the end of sentences. You’ll hear those wonderful sounds from the likes of Russell Brand, Ross Kemp, and Kara Tointon, among others. At, we specialise in providing online accent coaching for actors looking to master the Essex dialect. Our experienced Twang accent coaches are native speakers who offer 1-1 guidance and feedback, helping actors to perfect the accent’s unique nuances and features.

Book an online accent coach with today and start perfecting your Essex dialect.

Carly (Essex)

from £15 30 minutes

David (Essex)

from £15 30 minutes

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